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Returning Acrylic Appointment

This is a client that is returning with my product within 4 weeks

  • 2 hours
  • 65 US dollars
  • Loma Vista Drive

Service Description

This is an appointment for a previous client that is returning within 3 to 4 weeks. When you come your getting as whole new type of fill. At this appointment almost all of your old acrylic is removed. All the colored acrylics and glitter etc is all removed and completely changed. We start fresh each time so you are not stuck trying to change up what you have or wear the same color again. Also I have found that the strongest nails have the person's natural nail underneath. With this being said most of my clients prefer to keep their nails and their strength so we do not cut your nails off or rip your nails off every couple times. This gives you additional strength, saves the integrity of your nail plate and saves your money. You can always have a new set put on whenever you request or when your natural nails curve in a way that requires starting over. ** ATTENTION** If you are wanting an actual fill and polish change that is a different service option **Almost everything is included in this price. ** The things that are included are..... short to medium length is included square or coffin shape included gel polish glitters colored acrylics using multiple colors stamping stickers & decals foils dried flowers and on and on up to 2 decorated nails on each hand are included. If you want stickers, flowers, stamping etc on all of your nails it would then be considered a theme set and an additional $10 charge will be added. The things that will be an additional charge are 3d molds, charms or hand done Swarovski crystals custom shapes such as flare tips, oval, or stiletto's anything considered long or xl chrome Theme sets (anything where we are creating artwork or putting stickers or doing anything on every single nail. A few nails is included but an entire theme set is an extra $10 Your set will be a total custom creation experience. You will have total creative control. If you have a picture of something you want please send it to me before the appointment at 916-670-0010. THis way I can let you know if I can do it or not and also prepare for it if I can.

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