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4 oz jar holding about 3.3 oz 



Improve skin condition.  

Plant active ingredients deeply nourish buttocks skin, repair strong cells, amd make buttocks lines more compact.


During the lifting period, the firm buttocks begin to increase

Enhance the activity of hip cells

During the consolidation period, the elasticity is quiet and round

Natural plant extracts nourish, continuously tighten buttocks muscles, strengthen nutrition and strengthen firmness.



*smoothness and firmness

*natural buttock enhancement without butt injections

*improve rough skin, increase tension and elasticity, condition and moisturize skin, and lift skin on buttocks and legs.


How to use:  Apply it twice daily on dry skin.


This butt oil was formulated to promote blood circulation and helping the butt and hips grow my infiltrating into deep tissue cells and accelerating fat synthesis making you a more bigger buttock and rounder hips.  Our ingredients are natural ingredients that help and aid in growth to buttocks by lifting flaccid skin.

Booty Voodoo Oil

  • All sales are final.  No returns for any reason other than postal service damage.

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