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*Suitable for all body types  

There is no size, can perfectly joint your waist, suitable for all womens figures.

*Shapes your waistline

Provides high compression force on your waist and abdomen and creates a perfect hourglass figure.

*Occssion wear

Suitable for women who are in weight loss, running, guy, yoga, p;ostpartum recovery, housework, weddings, and working in the office.  Perfect for daily use



Don't worry about needing to get the right size waist trainer.  Never worry about the hassle of trying to get your waist trainer on.   This waist strap is the perfect alternative to the traditional waist trainer.  You can adjust the size to be as tight as you want it to be and will fit almost everyone.  


Waist trainers are VERY important when doing body contouring; especially if you are looking to achieve the best and optimum results from your service appointments.


As your waist and tummy are cinched in, your posture is also corrected as the waist trainer keeps the midsection tight and inline,.  This can also aid in the engagement of your core muscles and they correct your posture.  The idea behind a waist trainer is to gradually build up to wearing it for longer periods of time each day.  As you wear it longer, it molds your waist and hips to form a more well0defined hourglass figure.  They can help trim inches off your waist and help you loose weight in the proces..

Body contouring waist strap

  • All sales are final.  No returns for any reason other than postal service damage.

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