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Kristals Kreations is a leading Beauty and Holistic Weight Loss center based in Sacramento, CA since 2011. We offer our clients a wide spectrum of products and services; personalized to fit your specific needs. If you need your nails done, body sculpted, booty plumped, teeth whitened, lips juicer, fines lines erased and on and on.... we are here to help and guide you through the process.

We provide:

* Nail & Pedicure services

* Body Contouring Services through

*Wood Therapy

*Body Cavitation

*Lymphatic Drainage Massage

* RF Light Therapy to tighten skin

* Vacuum Therapy

*Non Invasive BBL's 

*Vacuum Therapy

*Laser Lipo

*Infrared Sauna Bed Therapy

*NEEDLELESS Lip Infusions

*Hyaluron pen for fine line treatment, forehead lines, frown lines, Facial Fillers

* Fat Dissolving Infusions

*Teeth Whitening

*Tooth Gems & Bling

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