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Kristal's Kreations


Kristal's Kreations

Let me help you achieve all your body goals with surgery alternatives. With our holistic weight loss sessions there is No down time & very little pain or bruising.

I am a Two time Certified Body Contouring and Columbian wood therapy specialist, certified to whiten and sparkle your teeth as well as a licensed nail artist. I am also  a highly trained, creative glitter queen thats specializes  in acrylic nails with all the glitter you could ever want.  I also try to stay up to date with most of the latest trends and nail styles. We have been in the beauty industry for years & love to make people feel beautiful through their hands & feet but now we have found a way to make a people feel beautiful through their whole body & teeth as well.  We do not discriminate based on sex or any other reason.


Kristals Kreations is a leading Beauty and Holistic Weight Loss Shop based in Sacramento, CA since 2011. We offer our clients a wide spectrum of products and services, personalized to suit your specific needs. If you need your nails done, body sculpted, booty plumped, teeth whitened, lips juicier, fines lines erased and on and on.... we are here to help and guide you through the process.

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